Since we've installed the Power Saver at a laminating plant, our customer is no longer plagued with interruptions due to surges on their PLC equipment. The current on the line was reduced by over 20%, power factor at the main meter was corrected, and the utility bill savings will pay for the unit in only 18 months.


Springleaf Reatil Solutions Financing only available to residents in the state of Oklahoma

Power Ready is proud to promote Animal Aid of Tulsa. Bring a donation of food or money to Power Ready at 4121 S. Sheridan, and receive $200 off a Power Ready generator.

With increasing power outages due to tornadoes, floods, and ice storms, how can you be sure your family has the necessities when disaster happens? Power Ready has the solution with generator systems that will keep your power running during troubling times. Staying ahead of the weather with a Power Ready system will provide you the peace of mind of knowing you have electric power.

By installing a Power Saver adjacent to your electrical panel you will be optimizing the way all motors operate in your home or business.

Power Ready was proud to partner with ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition and provide the Starkweather family of Tulsa OK with

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